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What is Email Deliverability?

Email Deliverability is a set of processes that are responsible for placing your email into your subscriber’s inbox. Low deliverability rates will result in emails getting stuck in junk folders, a decrease in your sender reputation score, and an increase in email send costs. Email service providers consider many factors before placing your email into an inbox, and it is important to understand deliverability best practices to keep your deliverability rates up.

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Email Deliverability 101

Explore common deliverability terms and the basics on how your sender score is determined.

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Deliverability Compliance

Understand legal requirements on deliverability including CAN-SPAM, GDPR, & CASL.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Find answers to the most common questions we hear from our client base.

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Email Deliverability Best Practices

1Keep your data clean

Avoid sending to invalid users, known bounces, or inactive email addresses. Regular data hygiene practices will help you build up your send reputation and ensure relevancy.


2Optimize your subject lines & pre-header text

A/B test your subject lines and use pre-header text to help increase open rates and improve inbox placement. Subject line content should be clear, enticing, tied to email content, and relevant.


3Keep your content high quality & relevant

Your sender score is impacted by the quality of your content. This includes consistent design, relevant topics, useful information, ADA compliance, and clean HTML.


4Avoid spam filters

Avoid “spammy” words (click here, urgent, dear friend, congratulations), all caps, or excessive use of punctuation marks. A low sender score will also push your emails into junk folders.


5Send consistently & optimize send times

Increase engagement with a consistent sending schedule. Use data to determine the best day and time to send emails each week for higher open rates and improved send reputation.


6Follow identification & compliance protocols

Ensure your organization follows technical security protocols to verify that you are a legitimate sender. In addition, always follow CAN-SPAM requirements for legal compliance.


7Monitor & build send reputation

Be aware of your send reputation. You should check in on deliverability, inbox placement, bounce, and unsubscribe rates frequently to ensure your score is in good shape.

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