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Register for Weekly Trainings

As a HighRoad client, you have access to our basic and advanced training curriculum on the Adestra MessageFocus email automation platform. Each Basic Training session takes place on Tuesdays at 11am ET and each Advanced Training session takes place on Thursdays at 1pm ET. The training curriculum is designed so that you can watch a demonstration, be given instruction, and then time to practice the exercises and gain feedback as you master new functionality on the platform.

Materials to Download Before Training

Training Checklist

Now that you're scheduled for a training, prepare with these checklists:

  • Download the Adestra Basic Training Handbook
  • Wait for your login information to Adestra
  • Set up your password and login
  • Download the Basic Training Assets
  • Come to the 11:00am ET Tuesday Live or On Demand session
  • Bookmark Adestra Roadwork
  • Download the Adestra Advanced Training Handbook
  • Come to the 1:00pm ET Thursday Live or On Demand session
  • Bookmark the Adestra HelpSite