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Follow the Yellow Brick Road - ON DEMAND

Data as the new gold
VirCon 2020

Watch On-Demand

HighRoad’s Virtual Conference was a one-day remote event designed to help association marketers tap into data for short- and long-term success. With a rapidly changing landscape bearing down on all of us, marketers and association professionals are expected to right-side marketing and program efforts to meet market changes and demands. If you didn’t have a chance to attend VirCon 2020 “live” or simply want to review the topics again, browse through the recorded sessions and get the tools you need to grow your digital footprint and meet your organizational objectives.

Key Note: Madame Failure was my Favorite Teacher

Hear from HighRoad's very own Ron McGrath on his personal journey to success. From fax, to failures, to futuristic founder, Ron shares moments and learnings that helped shape him as a human, rise above adversity, and empathize and connect with others along the way.

HighRoad Spark Revolutionizes Data Integration for Associations

Who needs the Wizard when you've got a tool that gives you the "heart, brains, and courage" to meet your marketing goals. See how HighRoad Spark puts the power of data into marketer's hands.

Get to the End of the Alphabet - Tools to Recruit New Generations

With memberships decaying and newer generations consuming content differently, associations need to reface the way they go to market. In this session learn about key approaches and tools that you can start applying now so that you’re poised for success in the future.

Stalk Them with Kindness - Track Your User on their Journey

Now more than ever, it’s imperative that organizations custom-deliver meaningful experiences to their members. In this session, learn about the approaches out there to help you understand your user, and hear from association practitioners on how they turned principles into practice to meet growth and retention goals.

Show them the Money - Selling Your Board on a New Technology

As an association professional, you’re often tasked with not just meeting but exceeding goals, innovating under fire, and evolving your digital footprint for strategic growth. In this session, learn how to build a business case to justify your chosen technology and set expectations for your board, executive leadership, and beyond.

HighRoad Spark - the Evolved Plus Connector

HighRoad Spark, our new platform-agnostic integration software, puts the power of your data into your marketers’ hands. In this session, find out how HighRoad Spark is truly the evolved Plus Connector, getting you that much closer to reaching your collective goals.

Quantify the Friendly Reminder: Retargeting + Cart Capture

As budgets get leaner and growth gap expectations get higher, now is the time to secure plug-and-play campaigns with high conversion opportunity. This session will cover retargeting and cart capture, a tool combination that association marketers can apply now for quick win revenue.

I'm Ignoring Your Texts - Using SMS the Right Way

While SMS Texting is a valuable tool to add to your marketing stack, prudent use of the tool will ultimately preserve its success. In this session, get industry best practices and use cases to help you determine whether SMS Texting is a good fit for your organization, and how you should incorporate it into your existing portfolio.

It's Not You, It's Me - Systematically Categorizing and Cleaning Your Data

Data is the fuel that powers association smartech stacks. You need to know that your data is valid, current, and organized in a way that helps you market and communicate effectively. In this session, learn how to find patterns in your data, and build standard operating procedures (SOPs) to maintain data hygiene and hierarchy.