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Spring VirCon
April 14, 2021
10.00am - 3.00pm ET

Data is your DeLorean

Where you're going, you need roads
Data with purpose is power
As marketers and association professionals, it's your job to keep tabs on the future. You know that data is—and will continue to be—the central source of power when it comes to organizational growth. The question then becomes—is your data actionable?
HighRoad’s Virtual Conference is a one-day remote event designed to help you step out of data housing and into data activation. Simply put—data without purpose will get you nowhere. Pave your data-driven road in 2021, and beyond. If you're not one step ahead, you'll be back in time.
CAE approved web iconThis event qualifies for 2.5 CAE credits if you attend all five sessions live. For each live session you attend, you earn 0.5 CAE credits

Lead characters

Ron McGrath
Maneesha Manges
Director of Services
Adam Higgins
Director of Technology
Aimee Pagano
Senior Digital Advisor
Emily Wilson
Digital Advisor
Nicole Crilley
Email Marketing Specialist
Chris Park

Keynote: Back-to-the-future―Inside the Actor’s Studio
Back-to-the-future―Inside the Actor’s Studio Digital evolution is a hot term for associations. But what does it really mean? Is it the end-all expression that reflects an organization’s understanding of tech transformation? Is it applied every time a new technology is added to an organization’s stack?
Why Don’t You Make like a Tree and Get out of Here—Breaking up with Contacts
Associations are sitting on troves of data. With so many data sources in play, it's easy to fall into the "collect and forget" trap. All too often, associations allow their contact volume to build up without instituting a cleaning or categorization strategy.
Lou's Cafe & Lunch Break
Take this time to grab some food, unwind, and maybe even peruse our digital resources.
You Sound Just Like My Mother—1.21 Gigawatts of Gen Z
Generational lines are there for a reason. To indicate a significant shift in thinking, philosophies, and behaviors based on groups of people born within the same time period. Understanding this definition brings clarity to the term generational divide.
Hello? Anybody home?—Finding the Voice in your Data
Associations have cornered the market on data collection. Through membership applications, registration forms, and certification applications, they’re strong on the collection process. But while they’ve mastered the art of recording data, they’re still often finding their way when it comes to activating on that data.
It’s Time to Build your Flux Persona
Personas aren’t a household name with associations and there’s a reason for that. At inception, personas, otherwise known as Buyer Personas, were originally designed to depict fictional representations of specific audiences. In other words, they focused on audiences that didn’t really exist in contact (list) form.
Happy Hour
Kick back and relax! Join the HighRoad team for a fun happy hour as we continue to enjoy the 80's. In case you didn't know, HighRoaders are notoriously competitive when it comes to trivia, so expect to be challenged!

Other adventures


Access educational resources

From marketing automation to email automation to data management, access thought leadership, guidebooks, and more.


Get one-on-one with experts

This is your time to access subject matter experts in the association smartech space, from marketing to tech to AMS experts.


Network in the COE Lounge

Get with other association peers in the marketing technology space for networking, career building, and idea exchange.

Online registration is closed―Doc Brown is in the shop prepping the DeLorean. But not to worry. If you missed your chance to register, you can still join by emailing support@highroadsolution.com. We’ll get you in at the nick of time!