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The 3-month self-guided course will give you the tools, training, and reference materials needed to navigate SharpSpring, understand the breadth of its functionality, and optimize use of the platform.


Webinar: How Marketing Automation Leads to Marketing Transformation

Understand how you can use marketing automation to transform the way you go to market.

Blog: Marketing Automation Vs Email Automation
Blog: Biggest Mistakes Associations Make With Inbound Marketing

Persona Development

Listicle: Persona Building Toolkit

Understand the fundamentals of gathering and organizing your data to develop your persona matrix.

Infographic: The Persona Playbook

Once you have your personas identified, learn the process for building out your persona profiles.

Blog: How to Create Marketing Personas for Associations and Use Them to Make Better Decisions
Listicle: Top 5 Tools Associations Need to Create Buyer Personas

Set yourself up for success by pulling in the right tools to build personas

Workbook: Persona Prioritizing

This interactive workbook is designed to walk you through an exercise to prioritize your personas 

Workbook: Persona Building

This interactive workbook is designed to walk you through the thinking for pulling together your personas

Content Strategy

Infographic: Building Your Content Strategy

Understand the fundamentals of what to build in your content strategy

Blog: Getting Started With Content Marketing for Associations
Blog: Content Marketing for Associations: What Should Public Vs Member Only
Workbook: Content Strategy Workbook

Use the carefully thought out questions in this workbook to guide you through building out your content strategy

Journey Building

Infographic: Pulling Everything Together

Get a summary idea of what you'll need to put together your entire buyer journey

Blog: What is the Customer Journey

Email Templates

Video: Screenshot Recording on Creating an Email

Watch as we guide you through the email production process in SharpSpring

Guide: How-to-Instruction on Creating an Email

Follow along step-by-step to be able to build out your email in SharpSpring

Video: Creating a Dynamic List

Understand how to build lists that change based on certain criteria 

Guide: How-to-Instruction on Creating a Dynamic List

Read through the steps and definitions of query options for building dynamic lists

Video: Screenshot Recording on Dynamic Content

Watch as we build a real example using dynamic content in an email

Guide: How-to-Instruction on Dynamic Content

Dive deeper into all the options you have using dynamic content and how to use it for better personalization

Blog: Why are People Opting Out of My Email
Blog: Delivery Best Practices to Start the New Year Right

Landing Page Templates

Video: Creating a Landing Page

Watch as we build a landing page so that you can replicate the same process

Video: Creating a Form

Watch as we build a simple form so that you can follow these same steps

Guide: How-to-Instructions on Creating a Landing Page
Guide: How-to-Instructions on Creating a Form
Blog: Get More From Your Digital Marketing by Using Landing Pages
Listicle: Optimizing Your Landing Page

Every marketer should understand these principles for building your landing pages

Visual Workflows & Action Groups

Video: Building a Workflow

Watch as we build out an example of a lead magnet buyer journey

Guide: How-to-Instructions on Building a Workflow

Step-by-step instructions for building out your workflow in SharpSpring

Video: Scheduling a List to an Action Group

Understand the nuances of triggering workflows against your data

Guide: How-to-Instruction on Scheduling a List to an Action Group

Step-by-step instructions to follow along with after watching the video

Campaign Tracking & Lead Scoring

Handbook on Staying in Good Sending Status

Everything you need to know for sending out of SharpSpring and staying in good sending status

Listicle on Cookie Dropping Approaches

6 Approaches to dropping the cookie

Video: Setting up Campaign Tracking

Understand the steps to take to set up your campaign tracking in SharpSpring

Guide: How-to-Instructions on Setting up Campaign Tracking

Walk through step-by-step on how to set up campaign tracking in SharpSpring

Presentation: Lead Scoring Framework

Understand the foundational principles of lead scoring. 

Guide: How-to-Instructions on Setting up Lead Scoring Principles

The tactical steps you will take to set up your lead scoring plan in SharpSpring

Presentation: Lead Gen Goal Setting & Tracking

Understand the formulas and practices for goal setting and tracking.

Lead Scoring Guide

Use these principles to set up your lead scoring strategy