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Rethink Association Podcast

Is your association reaching Gen Y & Z effectively? Join millennial marketers as we discuss ways to rethink the association approach to younger generations.

New episodes released monthly. 

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Who we are

We’re millennial marketers working exclusively with associations. We apply mainstream marketing and technology to associations’ growth and recruitment goals. Associations focused on growth need to rethink their approach to how they appeal to Gen Y and Z in order to stay relevant and thrive in today’s streaming, mobile world. Join us as we dissect the emerging research on Gen Z and apply that to your associations' unique challenges and goals.

Give me the deets

New episodes are released monthly. Subscribe and follow our PodBean page, find us on Spotify, or download and stream the audio version from anywhere podcasts are streamed. Stay tuned for announcements of special guests and monthly topics. Upcoming topics include: 5 Tribes of Gen Z, Tech, Culture, and the Status Quo; Challenges Facing Associations Today, Gen Z Values and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion .