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Season 4

Apr 30 20 min 30 sec

How Associations Can Leverage 2024 Marketing Trends

2024 marketing trends are a continuation of what has became popular over the last few years, especially in regard to short form video and influencer marketing, think TikTok (if it doesn't get banned in the U.S. of course), Facebook and Instagram Reels, and YouTube shorts. Content continues to remain a huge player, especially if it involves organizational values through generated content. Podcasts and blogging will drive new audiences and even possibly younger demographics to associations as well. Being able to leverage some of these trends as we move through 2024 will become increasingly popular, especially in building a younger base and reaching those they may not know about your particular association.

#digitalmarketingtrends #AI #video #personalization
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Season 3

Mar 2024 27 min 43 sec

What comes first - your martech stack or your goals?

Are you finding that you’re doing a lot of “work arounds” to accommodate technology stack limitations? If your organization goals are updated every year, what about your technology stack - does it have to keep up at the same pace? Your martech stack plays a vital role in your strategy to hit short and long term goals. Also, Chandler Miller, joins us to discuss the power of AI and how it could potentially shape (or not) the future of IT teams.

#martech #goals #integration
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Feb 2024 27 min 13 sec

Leveraging the power of AI for marketing strategy

On this month's episode, we have some special guests from the HighRoad team joining us to talk all things artificial intelligence (AI) and how association marketers can benefit from such a powerful tool. While there are many benefits, we also discuss some of the downsides of using AI as well

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Jan 2024 31 min 12 sec

Game Theory for Marketers: Lead Scoring

Let’s think back at how some of your sales and marketing teams qualify leads - are they following up with every lead and adding them to a drip campaign or are they taking it a step further to make sure your association is reaching their target audience for membership? On this month's episode we will be discussing how your association can begin the process of utilizing lead scoring to qualify leads.

#leadscoring #memberengagement
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Nov 2023 22 min 50 sec

Do marketers still love the funnel or is there room for a fly-wheel

This month we’ll discuss the differences between the marketing funnel and the fly wheel - is there any overlap between two or are they two totally different entities? Are associations better equipped to use the fly-wheel effectively, and more importantly, how can it deliver on growth and engagement goals?

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Oct 2023 22 min 23 sec

Smarketing: how one association centers goals around their sales and marketing teams

On this month's episode we sat down with Pattie Kettle from the Investments & Wealth Institute (IWI) to discuss how their marketing and sales teams align for overall success. IWI is a professional association, advanced education provider and standards body for financial advisors, investment consultants, and wealth managers who embrace excellence and ethics.

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Sept 2023 13 min 22 sec

How do sales and marketing teams align for successful results?

You can't turn up the engagement with email if your data isn't up to par. Listen in as Lindsey Loving, Director of Communications at News Media Alliance shares her story of one re-engagement campaign that left over half their contacts on the un-engaged list. It's a year later and she's implemented a data hygiene program that has her members engaging with NMA again.

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