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Association Complacency

Welcome to the KINGdom of Horror
VirCon 2021
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Fall VirCon 2021 On Demand Sessions

Associations have had to adapt and innovate in the face of the pandemic over the last 18+ months. Adapting to that much change over a short period of time can be scary, but the scarier outcome would be associations falling back into complacency. 

Welcome to our conference’s theme, Association Complacency: Welcome to the KINGdom of horror. This Fall VirCon, we’ve aptly themed all of our sessions on Stephen King's books and movies. We’ve woven in educational content specific to associations that will help you: build the business case for new technology, show early results with new tools, how to build out your fan base with lead scoring, the framework to build out your funnel metrics, how to bring the right content to market, and more.

Watch our sessions on demand as we dive into the many different ways associations can dodge complacency into their own paths to transformation.
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Behind the Scenes: Your new market isn’t your dark half: grow your association for the future

“Growing up” as an organization isn’t a one and done scenario. It doesn’t happen in a vacuum. And it isn’t solely defined by subscribing to the newest set of technologies or practices. Organizational evolution is a constant drip of self-reflection. Reflection on your industry, on your members, and on your business. So, what happens when organizations lack the awareness and introspection needed to evolve? They cater to the membership that they have and alienate the markets that they want.

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They’re All Going to Laugh at You—Getting Org-wide Buy-in

As association marketers, you know when it’s time to change. And not just for the sake of change, but because it’s the necessary means to meet your objectives. And while you’ve done your due diligence, your organization may not be in lock step.

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Stay out of the Dead Zone—Show Early Wins of Your Tech Investment

Adapting a new technology can feel like waking from a coma. From preparation, to implementation, to assimilation…when it’s all said and done, suddenly you’re months ahead without knowing exactly what happened.

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Data latency is dead—don’t let your past haunt you

Sometimes relying on old data truly is like waking the dead. There’s an enormous amount of uncertainty on who you’re actually contacting at the end of the line. When it comes to data activation, all too often associations find themselves digging up that old grave of data that has otherwise moved on.

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Focusing on your Number One Fan—Building Audience Scoring Principles

The very nature of associations is to assemble and find common ground. And while, that stands true from an experience perspective, that doesn’t apply from a business perspective. Honing in on those with higher engagement levels can actually shore up user experience and budget expectations.

Penny-wise and Goal Forward: Feeding the Top of the Funnel

It’s easy to get caught in a ditch when it comes to fueling your funnel. So much focus is placed on building the journey within the funnel, marketers often don’t put as much time into getting users to it. Or worse, they drain their budget with paid advertising and retargeting but have zero plan to nurture the leads.

Put Your Legacy Habits to Rest—Drive in the Spirit of Consent

If you take a ride back into the 80s, then yes, volume may have been perceived as a good metric when it came to overall engagement. But now, having 1,958 opens in an email just doesn’t tell the same story. There are a flurry of factors that continue to play into the crash of surface metrics.

All Work and No Play Makes Your Funnel a Dull Ploy: Building Content with Intent

Building the journey is challenging. Anchoring the journey with relevant and valuable content is even more difficult. All too often, associations launch campaigns with strategic intent, but inadvertently miss the most crucial piece—the right content.

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