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Adestra RoadWork

The 3-month self-guided course will give you the tools, training, and reference materials needed to navigate Adestra, understand the breadth of its functionality, and optimize use of the platform.

Business Requirements

Presentation: Going Over Business Requirements

Get in the right mindset for what to include in your integration with this presentation.

Workbook: Business Requirements for Integration Configuration

Begin with this workbook for filling out the fields, lists, and email preferences for your integration. 

Emails & Configuration

Workbook: Email Portfolio Assessment

Take inventory and review your existing content and segmentation.

Presentation: Email Portfolio Workshop

Once you've completed the Email Portfolio Assessment, review this presentation where you will list out your goals and challenges with your current email program, and then review email marketing best practices, and an email automation overview.

Video: How to Set Up Presets

In this video, you will get an understanding of what presets are in Adestra and how they help you to automate set-up of email campaigns. 

Workbook: Set Up Your Presets

Download this workbook to begin filling out the different components that make up a preset (standard email information such as your domain name, from address, reply address, etc.)  in Adestra.

Video: Step-by-Step Screenshare on How to Set-Up an Email

Quickly see the steps for setting up an email in your system.

Guide: Step-by-Step Written Guide on How to Set-Up an Email

Follow along step-by-step on how to set up an email campaign in Adestra.

Webinar: Email Design for 2021 - Using a Modular Content Framework

Introducing modern email design and the Template Pak.

Video: Demonstration of How to Use the Template Pak

Learn the framework for working with modules and creating beautiful emails with the Template Pak

Blog: Why are People Opting out of My Emails

Get delivery and deliverability best practices you can apply immediately to your processes.

Data, Lists & Filters

Guide: How-to-Instructions on Importing a List

Import a list with these simple steps.

Video: How-to-Instructions on Building a Dynamic List

Learn how to set-up a dynamic list so that you're including, excluding, and filtering in/out your ideal segment.

Video: How-To Build a Filter

Learn  how to set up a filter for querying your data in Adestra.

Video: How-To Build Conditional Content

Learn  how to build conditional content (whether for messaging, CTAs, or for images) in Adestra.

Video: General Data Tour

Find out what to expect when we schedule a data tour with you.

Blog: How to Build Membership Engagement through Technology and Data

Learn how you use your data to individualize the member experience.

Blog: Strategies to Increase Membership Using Your Audience Matrix

Understand how to build member persona segments and member journeys.

Programs (Automation)

Video: Automation Template (Birthday Campaign) Screenshare

Understand how to set up a simple automation sequence for a birthday campaign. 

Checklist: 1-Page Checklist for Creating & Launching Automation

Follow along for how to set up an automation program in Adestra.

Blog: How to Engage Members Through Your Programs and Services

Learn how to use both marketing content and programmatic content to build the ideal journeys for your members.

Webinar: Building a Member Journey that Converts

Learn how to build a member journey that's intended, data-driven, and goal-tied.

Tracking & Reporting

Video: Demonstration of Reporting

Learn about the reporting capabilities of Adestra.

Guide: How-to Instructions for Reporting (Individual Email and Aggregate)

Understand where to go for individual email metrics and reporting on groups of emails.

Presentation: Conversion Tracker (Principles)

Define the components that make up a conversion for your organization. This presentation will get everyone on the same page.

Workbook: Conversion Tracker Set-up

Start with this workbook once you have reviewed the conversion tracker presentation to begin to build out your user journeys. 

Presentation: Conversion Capture (Principles)

Start with this workbook once you have reviewed the conversion tracker presentation to begin to build out your user journeys. 

Workbook: Conversion Capture Set-up

Start with this workbook once you have reviewed the conversion tracker presentation to begin to build out your user journeys. 

Conversion Tracker Guide: Steps for Testing, Reporting and FAQs on Adestra's Conversion Tracker

Consult this document for a refresher on how to test that conversion tracker is set up correctly, reporting definitions, reporting capabilities, and FAQs.

Report Template: Conversion Tracker Quarterly Report

Use the report you generate each quarter to enter into the data tab of this workbook, record your metrics on the summary tab, and enter your findings each quarter for actionable insights.


Presentation: Deliverability Defined

Here we define all of the types of bounces and provide best practices for good deliverability.

Blog: 6 Things You Need to Know about Deliverability

Understand what deliverability really means for your organization.

Blog: Delivery Best Practices to Start the New Year Right

Get tips on instilling best deliverabilty practices within your organization.

Blog: Why are My Emails Going to Spam?

Get a better understanding of spam and how to avoid it.

IP Warming

Presentation: IP Warming Best Practices

Walk through the best practices for warming up your dedicated IP.

Email Preference Center (EPC)

Presentation: Going Over Email Preference Center Principles

Walk through what an EPC can do for your organization and how to structure one.

Guide: How to Optimize Your EPC in Adestra

Understand how to configure and optimize your EPC for greatest marketing effectiveness.

Guide: How to Optimize Your EPC with a Pivot in Adestra

Understand how to configure and optimize EPC's with a Pivot for greatest marketing effectiveness.

Workbook: Email Preference Center Exercise

Go through this exercise to determine categories on your Email Preference Center.

Video: Unsubscribe Handling with your EPC in Adestra

The best practices you should be following for handling the unsubscribes in your Adestra email marketing messages.

Guide: Getting Your Users to Opt-down vs Opt-out

Understand the basics of an EPC, EPC best practices, and how to build your EPC into your member journeys.

Transactional Messages Vs. Commercial

How-to-Guide: Sending Transactional Messages

There are instances where you need to send out a transactional message out of Adestra. Follow this guide for how.

Video: Sending Transactional Messages

When sending a transactional message it really comes down to your unsubscribe list and how you handle the opt-outs on the preset that will get attached to your email. Watch this video to learn about that process.


Video: Adestra Form Basics

Learn the basics of form building using Adestra. We'll share how to create a form from scratch through to using the form in emails and on webpages.